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GastroZyme – this formulation is designed to help control Diarrhea, Heartburn, Colitis, Gastritis, Crohn’s Disease, Gastric Ulcers, and Duodenal Ulcers as well as it helps to alleviate all the conditions and symptoms associated with gastrointestinal distress.

GastroZyme does not contain any protease enzymes as individuals suffering from active or bleeding ulcers may experience a burning sensation from the enzymatic reactions created by protease. Protease may cause some burning discomfort but it will not cause any damage. You can use GastroZyme along with DigestZyme or PureZyme if either of them cause any burning sensation, GastroZyme will alleviate this discomfort.

The nutritional ingredients contained in this formulation are completely balanced and contain active pharmaceutical enzymes to provide optimum delivery and body utilization. It contains only two of the major pure plant digestive enzymes, lipase, and amylase, along with cellulase, which assists your elimination systems in providing relief from constipation, and helps to suppress gastrointestinal problems.

The pure plant enzyme “Lipase” is an important ingredient because of its ability to assist your body in the breaking down of fats and controlling cholesterol while lowering your body’s triglyceride levels. “Amylase”, the second major enzyme available in our GastroZyme formulation, is designed to join with the other enzymes to support many of your internal organs as well as to assist your digestive system in the proper and complete digestion of carbohydrates consumed in your diet.

GastroZyme was formulated for anyone suffering from gastrointestinal distress or those afflicted with severe indigestion caused by gastric or duodenal ulcers. This formula also relieves the problems and symptoms caused by a stressed gallbladder or liver and anyone with these conditions will benefit from using our GastroZyme. Chiropractors and Therapists have been very pleased with this product because of its ability to feed and fortify your soft muscle tissue and skeletal bone mass thereby assisting their clients and patients in being able to have long-lasting results from the therapies provided. Individuals suffering from Gout or Heartburn will also find relief and recovery with the regular use of GastroZyme.

Additional components, such as Marshmallow Root, Gotu Kola, Papaya Leaf, and Prickly Ash Bark have been added and can be efficiently delivered by the enzymatic reactions of the pure plant enzymes contained within every capsule. Some of these component ingredients such as Marshmallow Root have a high protein and mucilage-carbohydrate content which your body uses for many things, from new tissue production and expelling foreign, toxic, and acid matter, to relieving irritation and inflammation of your mucous membranes of your respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts.

Papaya Leaf can replace the protease enzyme with proteolytic enzymes, which act on proteins. It also has the unique ability and has inherited a reputation because it selectively digests dead tissue cells without affecting the surrounding live tissue cells.

The other ingredients contained in this formulation support your glandular and nervous systems and are uncommonly rich in certain vitamins and minerals that promote longevity and are used as a natural diuretic.

Each serving of GastroZyme provides:

Enzyme Proprietary Blend55mg
Marshmallow Root190mg<
Gotu Kola (herb)95mg
Papaya Leaf190mg
Prickly Ash Bark110mg

Recommended Usage: 3 to 4 capsules with every meal or snack (when used without DigestZyme) and for gastrointestinal tract discomfort. 2 to 3 capsules may be taken after a meal when DigestZyme is ingested at the beginning of the meal. Take 3 or more GastroZyme capsules anytime in place of antacids.